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Signups are still open here.

If you've been waffling on signing up, now's the time! If you want to pimp Parallels to your small fandoms, it's not too late.

I will be closing signups some time late tonight. Assignments should go out some time on the 1st. After everyone is assigned and any initial pinch hits are claimed, I will reveal all requests.

Letters aren't required for Parallels, but they can be a big help to your assigned fanwork creator and people who want to make treats. Feel free to link them in the comments on Dreamwidth or Livejournal or to reblog with a link to your Tumblr post.
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Signups are open!

The form is very similar to last year. Request 4-8 fandoms. Offer at least 4 fandoms. Specify which kinds of fanworks you want to make or get: fic, art, graphics, or amvs/vids. Have fun!

The rules and FAQ are now updated on AO3 at the Parallels 2015 collection. I will also answer questions on DW and LJ and by e-mail (
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Hi all. I'm on the road today, coming back from CON.TXT, so signups aren't open just yet. You are welcome to keep nominating as long as the nominations form is open. Look for signups later today.

While you're waiting, please double check the tag set to make sure that your fandoms are there and that your characters are attached to them. Fandoms that didn't already have tags will be in 'uncategorized' rather than their appropriate media type. If you spot any duplicate characters or typos, please also let me know about that.

Once I'm ready to open signups, I will close down nominations, and I won't be making any changes to the tag set after that point, so get your corrections in now.
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Hello, my lovelies. I currently see 50 people on board for Parallels as we approach our last few days of signups. That's more than last year!

The Sign-up Summary shows currently requested fandoms and how many offers they have. (It leaves out offered fandoms with zero requests.) If any of you are debating whether to add a few fandoms to your signup, perhaps one of the needy ones towards the top of the list will appeal.

Specific requests can be seen in the Requests Summary.

If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time! Visit the signup form today! I will close signups at the end of the day on the 29th.

What happens next: After I close signups, I will be checking to make sure everyone has possible matches. I contact anybody who has zero possible recipients, asking them if they'd be willing to broaden their offers. The Sign-up Summary will give you a clue if this might happen to you. (You don't have to broaden your requests right now if you don't want to, but if you know you'll be away and impossible or me to reach, it's super helpful if you're willing to be a little generous with your offers. The fewer people I have to contact, the quicker the assignment process goes) Requests that can't be matched go out as pinch hits right away. Those will be announced on the Parallels DW, LJ, and Tumblr accounts.
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Signups are now open!

This year, I have raised the possible number of requests, offers, and characters. Instructions are contained within the form. As always, please let me know if anything about the form looks weird or isn't working how you expected.

The request part of your signup will be publicly visible. This makes things easier for treat creators and encourages people to offer more fandoms. It's also keeps things fun while you're waiting for assignments to go out. (But anyone can edit their signup until signups close, so keep in mind that all of these requests are subject to change.)
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Signups for Parallels 2011 are now open! Please help spread the word!

The signup form is here. Instructions are contained in the form.

Signups are open until July 3rd. The more people who sign up, the better our chances of matching everyone easily. The sooner you sign up, the better the chances of other people who like your fandoms seeing that they have a possible match and signing up.

I have AO3 invitations for anyone who still needs one. Just let me know!


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