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Nominations are open for Parallels 2016!

2016 Timeline:

June 1-15th: Nominations
June 16-29th: Signups
July 1st: Assignments go out
August 1st: Assignments due
August 1st-14th: Pinch hitting
August 15th: Works go live
August 22nd: Creator names are revealed

Parallels 2016 will run much like last year. The FAQ and rules are available on AO3.
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After a few hiccoughs, nominations are now open for Parallels 2015. A thousand apologies for the delay! Other dates will be as advertised previously. I have set the total allowed nominations high. Feel free to nominate anything you think will be useful to have in the tag set: fandoms you want to sign up for, fandoms you expect other people will sign up for, fandoms you plan to advertise the exchange to, etc. There is no need to use every slot, however: you can nominate a few fandoms and return later to nominate more as long as you finish before the end of the nominations period.

Nominate on AO3

Nominations: now-June 15th
Signups: June 16-29th
Assignments go out: July 1st
Assignments due: August 1st
Pinch hitting: August 1st-14th
Works go live: August 15th
Creator names are revealed: August 22nd
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Hi all. I'm on the road today, coming back from CON.TXT, so signups aren't open just yet. You are welcome to keep nominating as long as the nominations form is open. Look for signups later today.

While you're waiting, please double check the tag set to make sure that your fandoms are there and that your characters are attached to them. Fandoms that didn't already have tags will be in 'uncategorized' rather than their appropriate media type. If you spot any duplicate characters or typos, please also let me know about that.

Once I'm ready to open signups, I will close down nominations, and I won't be making any changes to the tag set after that point, so get your corrections in now.
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Hello, all, I just tottered home from the after party at a dear friend's wedding. A more detailed Parallels post will have to wait, but I like things to start on time, so nominations are now open!

Parallels 2014 nominations this-a-way

You may nominate up to 10 fandoms and 20 characters per fandom via the nominations form. If things go wrong or you need to nominate more, let me know.

As you probably know, Parallels is a fanworks exchange for Asian media with small fandoms. I leave the definition of "small" up to you. I will reject any nomination of media not from Asia or that isn't at least an Asian co-production. (Historical novels set in Asia but written by people in the US are not eligible, for example.) I will not be making rarity judgments myself. As long as the canon is from Asia, I will approve it. It's up to nominators--and, later, people signing up--to decide what canons belong in Parallels. There are no restrictions on characters, provided they appear in the canon they're nominated with.

If you notice problems with approved tags in the tagset, such as misspellings or duplicates, please drop me a line.

--now posted to the com instead of my personal journal. (Doh.)
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Nominations are now closed. Signups will open in the morning my time (I'm in California).

This year I have spotted zero fandoms that are not media from Asia and zero characters nominated in the wrong fandoms. That means that "rejected" tags are duplicates, tags where I approved a different spelling, or errors. AO3 is still in beta; I would not rule out the last possibility! Please double check the final tag set (not your nominations) to make sure everything that should be there is really there.

I will be adding any mysteriously missing tags back into the tag set before opening signups. Once signups open, there is nothing more I can do, so please double check now. If there are duplicate characters or other issues, this is also the time to get those corrected.

Also, are the following three zero-character nominations correct? Last chance to correct them if they're not.
Blood Lad (0)
Blue Nathanael (0)
Utahime: The Songstress (0)

The tag set can be found here.
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Nominations run through the end of the 15th. Signups will open on the 16th. (Exact timing will depend on my schedule that day and any lingering technical difficulties with the tag set or signup form.)

I have approved most nominations and made corrections I've seen. If I've missed yours, poke me again. If you spot duplicate characters, spelling errors, or other issues, please let me know. I've been attempting to spell check nominations and make sure that all approved characters get at least some google hits for show wikis/wikipedia articles/My Anime List character lists/etc., but some of you take your rare fandoms very seriously. :D (2chan fic, guys? Damn, that's hardcore!) My last step in the approvals process will be to just approve anything remaining that I couldn't find out more about. I'm going to trust you guys to know who appears in your fandoms. (So far, there are only two I've been unable to google: "Another child" from Ability and "Yuri Reizen" from Maiden Rose.)

If you spot a character who is definitely not from the canon they were nominated in or a fandom that is not media from Asia, please let me know.

Likewise, please double check to make sure everyone you wanted to nominate is in the tag set. Even though AO3 can normally handle a variety of tags, the nominations form seems to choke on anything but plain Latin alphabet (unless it's in a current canonical tag), so I've had to approve hideousness like "facade" in place of "façade" (oh the pain), and there have been mysterious issues with some other tags that included diacritics or non-Latin writing systems. Sorry Pietà fans and others. If anything is mysteriously missing, let me know and/or re-nominate a form of the tag with no diacritics/Asian writing systems. When you post your finished work to the archive, you are welcome to tag in another format, but we're going to go with what doesn't make the nominations form explode for now.

ETA: Hey, what kind of fandom is ".hack//GAME"? Wikipedia tells me this is the soundtrack album...?
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Ahoy me hearties. It's June 1st somewhere in the world, and that means... It's Parallels time!

As with every year, I meant to get around to advertising early and then, ha ha, no such luck. Thank you to everyone who has been asking me about this year's dates: Yes! Parallels will happen again, starting right now. The profiles of the DW and LJ coms have been updated with this year's schedule, and there is a new Parallels 2013 AO3 collection with the rules, FAQ, dates, and other details listed. I will also be posting updates to Tumblr.

Rules are unchanged from last year except that I will be tweaking the signup form to allow more flexibility. You asked for it; it's here: I am increasing the number of allowed requests to 6 and offers to 10 as well as increasing the fandoms-per-offer and character maximums for both requests and offers. If you liked things the way they were, don't worry: the required minimum requested/offered fandoms will remain at 4.

The other big change for this year is that I will be making requests visible from the start so that everyone can get a head start on treats or factor that information into their offers.

As usual, nominations and signups will happen on AO3. The nominations form is set to the maximum number of fandoms and characters allowed by AO3 (supposedly 20 fandoms, but the form wasn't working until I reduced it to 15). If you need to nominate more, I will be happy to add other tags by hand, but please consider whether you really need all 30,000 named characters from that historical epic. ;) Only nominated fandoms and characters will appear in the signup form, so be sure to let your friends know about Parallels before nominations are over.

Nominations this way!

And last but not least, if you have an awesome fandom we have got to check out before signups start, let us know in the comments. What is it? Where can we find it? Why is it one that we just can't miss?
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Hi guys. Nominations are ending very soon, so I want to give everyone an update. Things are going to be a little tight, and I may not be as able to grant last-minute requests as last year or, hopefully, future years, so heads up!

Signups will open on the 16th. Nominations will end when I'm ready to open the signup form. (The exact time of day will depend on my schedule and AO3's performance issues.)

Double Checking Nominations
The current tag set can be seen on AO3. Please double-check that everything/one you're expecting to see is actually there. AFAIK, I've made every correction and addition people have asked for; if something's missing, I've gotten confused, and you should let me know ASAP.

Please also check the media types shown in this list. If your fandom is listed in an unexpected category, I may have misunderstood which version you meant to nominate (live action TV show vs. anime, for example). Let's get it fixed before people are offering the wrong version during signups!

In some cases, I may have added a different form of a character from what you nominated. I have especially done this for ambiguous names (e.g. "Sakura") or names where I thought you might have typoed or used a fanon name for a character who isn't clearly named in canon. These being rare fandoms, though, it's usually pretty hard for me to check. If something looks wrong, let me know. The most important thing is that people using the signup form can easily tell who each character is supposed to be.

AO3 is having performance issues right now due to a massive influx of new people. This has several effects that are relevant to us: The nominations form may be hard to access. It's hard for me to approve nominations. These problems will almost certainly continue with the signup form and quite possibly through the entire timeline of this year's Parallels. I'm hoping the effects on matching aren't too bad, but it's possible I'll need a couple of extra days to generate assignments. Worse yet, archive staff have stopped giving out new invitations to current account holders, and the regular queue goes until something like November.

I do have a few invitations left. If you don't have an AO3 account yet and you'd like to sign up for Parallels, let me know ASAP, and I will do my best to get you one.

Please don't leave signing up until the last minute: AO3 is much busier at some times of day than others. Any time most people in the US have free time is especially bad. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to wrestle with AO3's performance issues.

My personal life
OK, not to be one of those mods who walks around with a hand glued to their brow guilt-tripping the masses, but I'm going to give everyone fair warning that I've got a lot of stuff going on. I will be away at cons or moving across the country during most of our key dates this year (including this weekend). I've also just gotten over being ill for weeks only to promptly injure myself in mysterious and irritating ways. I may be pretty slow to answer e-mails; if you need something, do not leave it till the last minute! ;P

Can I pinch hit?
Yes! Some people always have to drop out, and sometimes, it's impossible to match everyone perfectly (though, strangely, we managed it last year). Pinch hitters (people who cover these extra assignments) are very welcome. I'll be announcing what I need in the DW and LJ coms and possibly on tumblr.
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Nominations are half over, but there's still plenty of time. Let your friends know! I am still taking extra nominations if you just have to have those couple of extra characters who wouldn't fit on the form or that last-minute fandom you forgot. Leave me a comment here and I will add extra nominations manually.

If you need an AO3 invite, let me know.

Now that we've got a great selection of nomination already in the tag set, it's time for corrections. Are there duplicates? Did I misunderstand which version of a canon you meant? Is that name misspelled? Is your fandom missing even though you're positive you nominated it? (Check the complete tag set in case I've added your nominations under a different version of the name.)

Current questions:

Did one of you nominate both of these fandoms? If I'm understanding correctly, there are two anime series and one live action drama under this name. Did you mean to nominate 2 of the 3 as distinct fandoms, or can these be combined into one fandom for the signup form?

Youkai Ningen Bem | Humanoid Monster Bem
Youkai Ningen Bem (TV 2011)

Notes on tag sets )
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Only a few hours to go, so get those last-minute nominations in! (Nomination officially close at the end of the 25th in UTC-11.)

I've put the nominated fandoms and characters into a google doc. Please have a look and make sure that I've logged all of your nominations correctly. With 270+ fandoms and 1700+ characters, there are probably some errors in there! There are also lots of duplicate characters. Feel free to point these out too.

Nominated Fandoms and Characters

The list will be going to the tag wranglers later today. (Wranglers, keep an eye on the mailing list for details.) Once wranglers are done, I will set up the sign up form. This whole process will take 2-4 weeks. I'll be posting more here later about how challenge setup works for anyone who's interested in running their own (or who just wants to know why it's going to take me so damn long).

Look out for the fandom promotion post, coming soon!


May. 4th, 2011 08:47 am
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Nominate your fandoms here. There is no hard limit on how many fandoms you can nominate, but keep in mind that you'll only be requesting four if you do decide to sign up. Likewise, there's no limit on how many characters you can nominate in each fandom, but they should be ones you are likely to request.

Nomination format:

Fandom name:
Character names:
Canon medium:
Language the canon was originally in:

Medium and language are to help me identify your fandom, especially if there are multiple things with similar names. Please feel free to add more detail if necessary (e.g. for RPF fandoms that have very specific boundaries I might not know about).

Signups won't be until the end of June. You are welcome to nominate fandoms even if you're not sure if you'll sign up. And if you do sign up, you don't have to stick to what you nominated. (But if nobody nominates the fandom you want, you won't be able to choose it later.)

Nominations run until May 25th. Nominate now!
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