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While you're waiting for signups to open, why not tell us what's awesome about your fandom?

Leave a comment here with reasons we should check it out, places to get the canon, links to ship manifestos/picspams/resources, or just plain old squee.
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With multiple media to offer/request and a whole continent of awesome things to nominate, it's never too early to start pimping your fandoms. What are you guys thinking of asking for this year? What do you wish somebody else would ask for? (Where do its fans hang out? Can we advertise there?)

Pimp early, pimp often! :D

LJ copy of this post:
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Nominations are now over. Please check the previous post to make sure I've got yours down correctly. And now on to fandom promotion!

It's great to see people already bonding over rare fandom love in the nominations post, but obscure fandoms can always use a boost. Tell us why your fandom is so awesome we just have to check it out before signups. Link us to your AMVs and picspams, chapter summaries and subtitle downloads. Tell us how long your canon is, what languages it's available in, and where we can find it.

From Japan, we have tons of anime and manga, but also lots of games, dramas, movies, and other media. Japanese sources make up over 80% of our fandom list, so I'd like to take a moment to highlight these other fandoms for those of us looking to branch out or pick up something new.

China and the Chinese-speaking world:
Lots of great stuff to choose from from a variety of places, languages, an time periods: 1/2 Wangzi | 1/2 Prince, 2002 | Special Unit 2002 (2001), Legend of the Sun Knight, Chinese Mythology, LI Shangyin - Works, Xî yóu jì | Journey to the West - Wú Cheng'en, Táng Cháo | Tang Dynasty RPF, Bái Fà Mó Nǚ Zhuàn | Bride with White Hair (1993), Di Renjie | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Kung Fu Hustle (2004), San seung hoi taan | Shanghai Grand (1996), San Siulam Zi | Shaolin (2011), Té jīng xīn rèn léi | Gen-X Cops, K.O.3an Guo, Qiáng Wéi Zhī Liàn | The Rose, Fighting Spiders, Fa yeung nin wa | In the Mood for Love (2000), 2046 (2004), Initial D (2005)

Only a few things nominated, but they all sound awesome: Bollywood RPF, Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009), Dil Se.. (1998), Dostana (2008), Om Shanti Om (2007), Wake Up Sid (2009), The Ramayana

You guys nominated a lot of amazing-sounding dramas: Coffee Prince, Dae Jang Geum | Jewel in the Palace, Full House (2004), Jumong, Kang Jeok Deul | Powerful Opponents, Maeri-neun Webakjung | Marry Me Mary!, Nae Yeojachingu-neun Gumiho | My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Secret Garden (2010), Sungkyunkwan Scandal, White Christmas (TV), Yi San, Chanranhan Yusan | Shining Inheritance, Seondeok Yeowang | Queen Seondeok, Minamishineyo | You're Beautiful, Dream High

And other Korean media: Byul Bit So Ge | In the Starlight, Cheonhaeng'gi | Angel Diary, The Breaker, Noblesse (Manhwa), Joheun-nom Nappeun-nom Isanghan-nom | The Good The Bad and the Weird (2008), Seoyang'goldong'yang'gwajajeom Antique | Antique (2008), Anyband (cf), Magna Carta 2, Demon Diary

Trese (Comic), Encantadia

Magic Land - Alexander Melentyevich Volkov, Mongol (2007)

Let's see those links! Let's hear that squee!


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