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The last stragglers have turned in their works, and it's time for pinch hits. Please comment below with your AO3 name to claim. The final count is 6 people who turned in assignments and need a generous pinch hitter to make them something. (As always, people who defaulted won't be assigned a pinch hitter.)

Pinch hits are due on the 14th, but the earlier you can get them in the better.

Pinch Hit #1
Request 1 by paracyane
Fandom:ハマトラ | Hamatora
Nice (Hamatora), Art (Hamatora), Birthday (Hamatora), Ratio (Hamatora)
Fanart, Fanfiction
Where to find out more about me:

Request 2 by paracyane
Fandom:文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs
Nakahara Chuuya, Dazai Osamu, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke
Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 3 by paracyane
Fandom:月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Kashima Yuu, Mikoshiba Mikoto, Seo Yuzuki
Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 4 by paracyane
Fandom:ダイヤのA | Daiya no A | Ace of Diamond
Akamatsu Shinji, Okumura Koushuu, Watanabe Hisashi, Narumiya Mei, Kominato Haruichi, Hongou Masamune
Fanart, Fanfiction

Pinch Hit #2 - claimed

Request 1 by Kisuru
Otosaka Yuu, Otosaka Shunsuke, Kumagami (Charlotte), Otosaka Ayumi
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video
Where to find out more about me

Request 2 by Kisuru
Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Haruka | May, Hikari | Dawn, Shirona | Cynthia, Huuro | Skyla
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Request 3 by Kisuru
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Request 4 by Kisuru
Fandom:幻影ヲ駆ケル太陽 il sole penetra le illusioni | Day Break Illusion
Taiyou Akari, Tsukuyomi Luna, Hoshikawa Seira, Shirokane Ginka
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Request 5 by Kisuru
Fandom:結城友奈は勇者である | Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru | Yuki Yuna is a Hero
Yuuki Yuuna, Miyoshi Karin, Inubouzaki Fuu, Inubouzaki Itsuki, Tougou Mimori
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Request 6 by Kisuru
Fandom:僕だけがいない街 | ERASED
Fujinuma Sachiko, Yashiro Gaku, Kobayashi Kenya, Hinazuki Kayo, Fujinuma Satoru
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Request 7 by Kisuru
Fandom:ご注文はうさぎですか? | Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? | Is the Order a Rabbit?
Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Hoto Cocoa, Hoto Mocha, Kirima Sharo
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

Pinch Hit #3
Request 1 by jan
Fandom:ピンポン The Animation | Ping Pong The Animation
Fanart, Fanfiction

This show, man. This show. All the characters have such compelling stories and are treated with such respect by the narrative; I'd love to hear more about any of them, and I'm choosing "Any Character" here very deliberately.

But I guess that's not very helpful, so here are some random ideas if you'd like them: a look at Tamura's past (with or without Koizumi) and/or the children whose journeys she's watched over. More Smile and Peco, at any point in their lives. KONG WENGE. ;_; Wenge's childhood, Wenge's journey (which the anime gives us so much more of) and/or where it goes after the end of the series. Akuma, and what it's like to be a hard worker amidst natural geniuses. Akuma and Smile and Dragon meeting up for drinks as adults. Scenes from the five-year timeskip. As an anime-only character, Yurie's story has so much room to be explored; I'm happy hearing about her and Dragon, but a Yurie-only fic that explores her own non-ping-pong world would be great too.

I'm not especially interested in pairing fic, though, sorry!

For fanart: I enjoy the art styles of both the anime and manga, but it would also be cool to see the characters interpreted in other styles, so do whatever works best! We get a lot of ping-pong action shots already, so something else might be fun. A casual day off with any characters in street clothes? Their adult selves?? Some completely random AU? If you've ever wanted to draw any of the characters in, idk, sharp mafia suits or silly animal costumes or barista AU, please please feel free.

Request 2 by jan
Fandom:寄生獣 | Kiseiju | Parasyte

I'm choosing 'Any Character' very deliberately, so please do feel free to write about any one or more of the four nominated characters! (Shinichi, Migi, Kana, Murano)

I'm particularly fascinated with late-canon Shinichi and the idea of being somehow less than -- or something other than -- human. Of wanting to do the 'right' or human thing as a moral conviction rather than a felt impulse, say; of the fondness he clearly has for Murano but, say, the reluctance to name it as love. Of course they're both in a happier place by the end of canon, and I would love to see that explored: the new lives they're both growing into and the possibility of a shared future.

I thought Kana's story felt a bit unfair to her, especially in the anime adaptation, and if you wanted to change that somehow, I would definitely not object! An AU in which Kana becomes part of the fight would be great, say. Otherwise, what about a look at Kana herself, Kana and her life before Shinichi and her bold curiosity and how of course she'd be intrigued by something different.

As for Migi, I loved how non-human yet understandable he was, in his own way. I have a weakness for non-human POVs in general, and a fic that really explores that would be great. Does Migi ever resurface?

Request 3 by jan
Fanart, Fanfiction

I'd love pretty much anything for Mushishi, with the caveat that I'm not interested in shipping, sorry! The atmosphere of the series is very compelling to me, but I'd also enjoy a more lighthearted take on the characters.

If you'd like some specific ideas: Ginko and Tanyuu and stories. Ginko and Tanyuu and the importance of things other than stories. Something epistolary (via the uro-san) would be lovely, whether it's a particular conversation or just letters that Ginko has received from everyone. Five Times Adashino Was Not Conned By Ginko. A longer look at Nui and Ginko's history; a closer look at Nui herself, at what it must have meant to research one's own potential end, at how huge a decision it must have been to take Ginko in. Shinra's life after the end of the episode, and what happens after the inevitable happens. Does Ginko visit Shinra again?

And if none of those work for you, then really: non-shippy fic about any of the nominated characters would be great. Feel free to include other Mushishi characters!

For fanart, I absolutely love the official art and its atmosphere and the use of watercolours -- but don't feel obliged to keep to that either! Perhaps precisely because Mushishi has such a clear aesthetic, it would be cool to see the characters and/or its world interpreted in new styles. Also I am always up for silly AUs in art, so if you have ever wanted to draw any Mushishi character(s) e.g. a mafia AU (yes please!!) or a modern-day AU or, let's be honest, basically any kind of new outfit, I am 100% there for that.

Request 4 by jan
Fandom:Casshern Sins
Casshern, Fanart, Fanfiction

I'd love any fic that captures the melancholic beauty of this series, and some of the tragedy of Casshern's existence. Perhaps a coda to the series - where did Casshern go, after everything? Or perhaps more of the brief familial happiness seen in episode 24? A look at his lonely amnesiac existence in early episodes? Just some quiet mid-series vignettes with him and Friender?

I chose Casshern rather than 'Any Character' because I definitely want him to feature in the fic in some way, but please feel free to include any other characters in the series, whether they're among the nominated characters or not!

I'd prefer something not too 'shippy, but non-explicit Casshern/Lyuze or Casshern/Dio UST (yes please!!) would be great.

For fanart, anything that captures the grand yet bleak feel of the series itself would be beautiful. But as with my other fandoms, I am also 100% here for any sort of reinterpretation or AUs you might want to draw, especially given how pretty Casshern is, haha.

Pinch Hit #4
Request 1 by Merit
Fandom:ノラガミ | Noragami
Yato (Noragami), Yukine (Noragami), Kazuma (Noragami), Bishamonten | Vaisravana (Noragami), Nora (Noragami)

I really quite like the relationship between Yukine and Yato and watching it develop has been really interesting since they're riven by opposition at times but also have a great bond. The OVAs can be quite fun so it could be interesting to see a scene that depicts Yukine+Yato pitched against Kazuma+Bishamonten in a very silly battle with Yato and Bishamonten taking it quite seriously and Yukine being quite sick of all the nonsense. And Kazuma? Well he's not going to let Veena lose.

I like my angst too ^^ And if you want to explore how Yukine feels about staying young forever, watching Hiyori grow older, maybe even watching her forget him for real. I could also appreciate that ^^ I imagine Kazuma could give some advice about that since I'm pretty sure Yato ignores the idea or would plot to avoid that happening at all. Or a fic set around Yato and Nora's relationship. There's a lot of unexplored ground there. Maybe something he did in the past with Nora comes to haunt him in the future and Yato has to set things right and he tried, but he needs Yukine to help.

Yato's relationships with Nora and Yukine are also quite interesting in contrast. That's so much that has been left unexplored so vignettes set in the past with Nora, contrasted with how different, how uncomplicated Yukine is (in comparison to Nora) could be nice to read.

Where to find out more about me

Request 2 by Merit
Fandom:Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Natsume Takashi, Madara "Nyanko-sensei", Natsume Reiko

I would love to see a fic that mirrored events between Reiko and Natsume. I like scenarios where Natsume gets in over his head and has to rely on other people (I believe the ancient term is woobie) and I always appreciate Nyanko-sensei, so if you want to include him that would be great as well. i would love fics set in the past, about Reiko, since despite quite a few flashback sequences centred around her, I can never have enough. She has so much potential for angst and tragedy, but she forged her own path when people were constantly pushing back on her.

Or a little adventure that Madara and Natsume go on! It is hard to narrow down a favourite moment in the series, but I do love the scenes where they go off (reluctantly or not) to solve a youkai mystery. I love how the world building is depicted, as if things have been this way for hundreds of years and people like Reiko and Natsume are shocking, so they live on for even longer because of that. I would find it interesting to see an element Japanese folklore explored, much like the series.

Request 3 by Merit
Fandom:Kuragehime | Princess Jellyfish
Kurashita Tsukimi, Kuranosuke Koibuchi

The world they inhabit can be cruel at times, but the series also has a sweetness between the two nominated characters that I love to see. I really love how these two are characterised and how different their worlds and upbringings have been. If you want to explore Kuranosuke's complicated feelings regarding his family and how he expresses it (through dress, through contrariness, something he can do because he's the illegitimate son, what sort of expectations are placed on him compared to Shu) I would love that. I love how vulnerable yet strong Tsukumi is depicted, being so young and sheltered, but really knowing what she likes and being brave to move away from home.
I like scenes between the two of them where one of them has to enter the other's world and the disasters that can arise from that. If Kuranosuke finds Tsukumi's reaction extra adorable and incredibly hard to deal with, then ever better. I'm happy with fics that are romantic, though if you want to have a gen fic then that's also fantastic.

Request 4 by Merit
Kougami Shinya, Ginoza Nobuchika, Tsunemori Akane

I'd like Kougami Shinya/Tsunemori Akane though gen is also great. I know the series can be fairly dark at times so something lighter would be interesting perhaps secret relationship fun times! Pretending to be a couple for a caseand then they start wondering about all these *feelings*. Basically something a /touch/ lighter than the series. Though if you want to explore about how their roles could influence their relationship I would like that as well. And whether this sort of relationship, with all the power differentials, has had happened before, whether he's been in a sexual/romantic/intimate relationship after he became an Enforcer, how this has all impacted him, whether he had the choice and how Akane copes with being the one with the power and being part of the system that /enforces/* his bondage. If this leads to somewhat filthy sex with Akane in a slightly dominant position then I wouldn't mind the slightest.
Alternatively scenes set immediately after the first season, Ginoza Nobuchika coping with the loss of his position, his freedom, his father and his arm. The audience sees him in a very different place in season 2 and I would love to see more of that explored. How does Akane cope or support him during this? She's just had her own losses, her responsibilities have probably been driven even higher but Akane strikes me as the type who would try. How their relationship, friendship or romantic, develops during this time would also be great to read about!

Pinch Hit #5
Request 1 by Kalloway
Kiddy Grade
Fanart, Fanfiction

Kiddy Grade is one of my favourite series ever. Ever. I adore it and adore the whole cast.

Whether you want to write any of the pairs as an actual couple and not just partners is up to you, I only ask you don't split any of them up.

If you have an idea for a 'case' fic, that would be awesome, or just anything post-series. Quiet days, hobbies, adventures close to home. (GOTT Employee picnic! Someone's bachelor/ette party! Mandatory vacations/staycations!)

Feel free to ignore Kiddy Girl-and as well as any of the supplemental manga/novels.

Where to find out more about me

Request 2 by Kalloway
Fandom:Mach GoGoGo | Speed Racer
Fanart, Fanfiction

First - I prefer the North American/English/Localized names for everyone. So 'Speed Racer', 'Racer X', etc.

Second - if you're familiar with various NA comics/Japanese remakes/the 2008 live action movie/whatever else I'm forgetting and want to add in bits/easter eggs from them, feel free! Speed Racer is a 'put it all in the soup' fandom for me.

That said-- I love Speed Racer because it's so much fun and so over the top. It's car racing with souped-up awesome-tech cars and fighting ninjas and trapped in volcanoes and all that! I would be thrilled with an adventure that feels straight from the series. A 'quiet' (because it wouldn't be) day with the Racer family (and Sparky and Trixie) would be awesome, too.

Request 3 by Kalloway
Fandom:Tales of Xillia
Jude Mathis, Gaius (Tales of Xillia)
Fanart, Fanfiction

Gaius and Jude end up in a strange little relationship as the game progresses, and it's hard not to sort of wonder where that would go if it slipped over the border into a romantic/sexual relationship.

If that is not your cuppa, that's fine. Any post-game interaction would be lovely (send them to check out post-game former-clime zones! send them to Leia's inn!).

The main thing I don't want is helpless-unsure!Jude. By the end of the game, Jude is a strong young man who knows what he has to do and does it. While he taught Milla to be more compassionate and considerate, Milla taught him to be decisive and strong.

I really like the whole cast and anyone can show up. (Xillia 2 stuff is fine to add in, no worries.)

Request 4 by Kalloway
Fandom:Ar tonelico
Ayatane Michitaka, Lyner Barsett, Shurelia (Ar tonelico)
Fanart, Fanfiction

Post-game shenanigans are preferable. Lyner learning to work for a relaxed Shurelia. How everyone handles a welcome-but-surprise reappearance of Ayatane. It's all good. I just want to see more love for this game.

I do like Lyner/Ayatane and Lyner/Ayatane/Shurelia so don't be afraid of putting romantic elements in. I'd also be fine with any other combinations.

I am perfectly fine with elements from the sequels included or completely ignored. Admittedly, I lean towards the latter. I always got the distinct impression that Shurelia's cosmosphere story had half an explanation for Ayatane surviving/coming back post-game as 'tied to the tower' sort of as a hybrid-Reyvateil/virussomething.

I like the whole cast and anyone from it can show up. ^_^

Request 5 by Kalloway
Fandom:Gundam SEED Astray
Fanfiction, Fanart

I adore everyone nominated, so have fun-- Further run-ins between Eleven and Seven and Serpent Tail, Mina needing to hire Canard, anything with Elijah and Veia, really... Three doing Three things down on Earth...

Request 6 by Kalloway
Fandom:Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening
Chrom, Lucina (Fire Emblem), Male My Unit | Avatar
Fanfiction, Fanart

Chrom-Robin-Lucina makes for a hilarious love triangle however it plays out~ Robin's proposal dialogue with Lucina even includes a line about staying with Lucina-- and Chrom-- So yeah, there are places to go~ Nothing too angsty, please. And if you'd rather something with just one or two of them, that's fine.

Request 7 by Kalloway
Fandom:Full Metal Panic
Melissa Mao, Kurz Weber, Sagara Sousuke, Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa
Fanfiction, Fanart

For Kurz and Mao, either actually hooking up or their usual loving and often violent banter. Anything with Tessa. Tuatha de Danaan tales when everyone is aboard. Feel free not to use everyone--

Request 8 by Kalloway
Fandom:Rockman X | Mega Man X
Zero (Mega Man X)
Fanfiction, Fanart

After getting to write maneater!Zero in an exchange, I'm definitely intrigued by the idea-- is he keeping it a secret from everyone? What happens when it's discovered?

If that isn't your cuppa, daily stuff-- hijinks and whatever else is all in a day's work when a day's work isn't potentially world-ending. I'm fine with anyone else showing up~

Pinch Hit #6
Request 1 by SilentSilhouette
Fandom:Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Protagonist (Devil Survivor), Fanart, Fanfiction

I don't particularly care about who else is in it, or what kinds of relationships are in there, as long as it takes place in canon :) I don't necessarily object to AUs (and by AUs, I mean things like no demons, A/B/O dynamics, vampire/werewolf, etc.; continuations of certain routes (ex. Post-Messiah) are totally fine), it's just that I think canon is wonderful and the characters are awesome enough without them being dumped in another foreign situation. Then again, it's not like I've ever read much stories/seen much art of them being in an actual AU (I've never even heard of a vampire/werewolf or A/B/O story for DS1, now that I think about it) so that might be interesting...

I adore mystery, humour and fluff, although I wouldn't object to some heart-wrenching angst, if it's done right. An exploration of the relationship between the Protagonist and another character is also fine.

Feel free to cross this over with DS2, if you want ;)

Request 2 by SilentSilhouette
Fandom:Assassination Classroom
Shiota Nagisa, Akabane Karma, Fanfiction

Nagisa & Karma gen/friendship is ideal, but anything's fine as long as it's SFW and canon to the manga/anime. I won't object to AUs, but I AM kind of wary of them.

I adore humour though; nothing like a good laugh to brighten up the day. But if you're more comfortable on the other end of the spectrum - that is, angst - I wouldn't say no to a bit of that :)

Request 3 by SilentSilhouette
Fandom:Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Protagonist (Devil Survivor 2), Hotsuin Yamato, Fanfiction

Protagonist & Hotsuin Yamato friendship would be fantastic. An idea could be an exploration of what their relationship would be like outside of world-ending situations. Maybe they could bond over mundane civilian stuff or something...
On the other hand, they could be working together for JPs, complete with demons, but there wouldn't be any world-ending emergencies, so everything would be normal (except for the demons). How would they interact with each other without Septentriones to bond over?

I adore humour and fluff. Nothing like some warm fuzzier to start off my day.

Feel free to cross this over with DS1, if you want ;)

Request 4 by SilentSilhouette
Allen Walker, Fanfiction

Anything with Allen as the main character is awesome. Add any characters you want - Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, even Cross. Platonic/canon relationships is my preference. Would love for it to stay canon. No NSFW material please. Humour and fluff is my cup of tea, but I wouldn't say no to a bit of angst :)
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