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ハマトラ | Hamatora
Nice (Hamatora), Art (Hamatora), Birthday (Hamatora), Ratio (Hamatora), Honey (Hamatora), Three (Hamatora), Fanfiction

I love Hamatora and all of its characters so much literally anything for this fandom will satisfy me. I specified Birthday/Ratio as a ship because it's my favorite but don't feel you have to make something w/ them!! A more general fic is just as good and I really love comedy tbh so if you wanna write the most ridiculous fic with all of them being their usual selves, I would be so so happy.

K (Anime)
Suoh Mikoto, Munakata Reishi, Kushina Anna, Fushimi Saruhiko, Fanfiction

Anna is by far my favorite K character, and I just adore the idea of her pre-season 2 self maybe wandering around the city? The light-heartedness of the manga series comes to mind, so some kind of Anna-centric scenario like the chapters of the manga showed is what I picture. Also viewing a relationship from a different perspective is one of my biggest weaknesses, so either Anna or Fushimi narrating a fic about Mikorei is like my dream come true.

With Mikoto and Reisi themselves, uhh I don't see them as very affectionate or even romantic really, but their mutual understanding of what it's like to be a king is so good and also my shit. These two being stuck together (like... an elevator maybe idk...) is also always really funny !!

Sajou Rihito, Kusakabe Hikaru, Fanfiction

Anything, absolutely anything. These two are so sweet and like just another day in school or maybe golden week would be cool? I'm a big fan of slice of life so honestly even just a glimpse into something they'd do every day or mundane occurrences would be absolutely beautiful to read <3

Assassination Classroom
Akabane Karma, Asano Gakushuu, Fanfiction

My rarepair hell keeps me in its grasp, but uhm I adore snark and banter and thinly veiled threats and I find it's very easy to do that with these two. I love coffee shop aus and also Fake Relationships so any of those tropes with these two would make my day. But in canon Karma stays at their middle school to academically challenge Gakushuu so... something about their high school life is also Good.

残響のテロル | Zankyou no Terror | Terror in Resonance
Nine (Zankyou no Terror), Mishima Lisa, Twelve (Zankyou no Terror), Fanfiction

I don't really have ships for ZnT personally, but I think it's the atmosphere I love the most. Something that catches the feeling of the dark elements of the series along with I suppose the hope of a new beginning that was hinted at would be up my alley, and gosh I can't think of any specific scenarios but I really love the group dynamic of Nine, Twelve, and Lisa. I'd prefer they all be alive personally, but if you want to go post-series I wouldn't really mind that either.

The kind of naive innocence that Lisa represents when juxtaposed with Nine and Twelve has always struck me though, so anything that can encompass that would be wonderful.

Saiyuki Gaiden
Son Goku (Saiyuki), Tenpou Gensui, Kenren Taishou, Nataku (Saiyuki), Konzen Douji, Fanfiction

I love Saiyuki I love reincarnation and in short I love suffering. When I say anything Saiyuki-related will please me I honestly and truly mean it.

I want to be more help and give specifics but any fics about anyone in Saiyuki Gaiden will make me cry tears of joy. The familial relationship between Goku and Konzen makes me cry every time, and to make up for the pain of the entirety of Gaiden, maybe happy times between Goku, Konze, Tenpou, and Kenren ??

Kougami Shinya, Makishima Shougo, Fanfiction

I do ship them but I also know they're very much antagonistic to each other. I like when their perspectives clash and they don't get along at all, and I'd rather not romanticize how awful their relationship is or how psychological it would be at least? I think AUs appeal more to me, or maybe reincarnation....? Their canon situation is kind of tricky, but even if they're not being shipped any kind of introspection on their dynamic would also really appeal to me!! It definitely doesn't have to be romantic especially considering who they are
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