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Congratulations to everyone who got their works in. As usual, life happened, and we have a few pinch hits. These will be due by August 14th (11:59pm Pacific time), which is 24 hours before works are scheduled to go live. (In practice, works will go live when everyone who did not default has a present.) Please see below for available pinch hits. First come, first served, and thank you so much to our pinch hitters for helping out!

ETA: All claimed! Thank you to our fabulous pinch hitters. Feel free to make extra treats for these or any other recipients.

Pinch Hit #1 CLAIMED!

Request 1 by Allekha
Fanart, Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

I'd really like anything with these two. In the manga, I really liked the slow building of their relationship, how we can see them slowly fall in love and try to resist it.

Character study is always nice. How have they been affected by growing up and living in a society where homosexual desire is acknowledged but forbidden, and then seeing how it's treated in different Earth cultures? Or perhaps something set after the end of the series? The series has environmental themes; do they do some sort of activism (or at least make choices with the environment in mind)?


Request 2 by Allekha
Onmyouji | The Yin-Yang Master (Movies)
Fanart, Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

For Onmyouji I've always liked casefic, so maybe something dealing with yokai or ghosts? I love ghost stories and being creeped out. On the lighter side, I have a soft spot for karakasa-obake (the yokai that are old umbrellas come to life).

I can't really think of something likely to come up that I wouldn't like; if you want to do something dark, go as dark as you like. I do ship Seimei/Hiromasa, but gen is also absolutely fine.

Bonus: Mitsumushi! I'm quite fond of her~


Request 3 by Allekha
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video, Any Character

I would prefer something set within the Heian arc; I have a thing for the Heian period and all its ridiculousness (the clothes, the arts, the demon obsessions...).

I would be happy to see anything with the ensemble, really, maybe a missing scene? Just, anything with the five icharacters is <3 It could also be cool to see what Sadamitsu and Kintarou get up to after the deaths of Urabe, Tsuna, and Hikaru.

I do ship Tsuna->Hikaru, but gen is also great.


Request 4 by Allekha
Princess Tutu
Fanart, Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

For Princess Tutu I always like examinations of the characters, their relationships, and the world they live in. Or perhaps a retold fairy tale? I would prefer something darker for this fandom, but I would be okay with something lighter as well.

If you want to do something shippy, I like all possible pairings with these four characters, but my favorites are Mytho/Ahiru, Ahiru/Rue, Fakir/Mytho, and OT4.

If you happen to do an AMV, I think it would be neat to see one with instrumental/classical music.


Request 5 by Allekha
前略、百合の園より | Zenryaku Yuri no Sono Yori | Notes from the Garden of Lilies
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Any Character

I would seriously love anything with these two. I just love their personalities and how they intersect and interact with each other.

If you would like some ideas - anything cute, what their future is like, fun times at an onsen.


Pinch Hit #2 CLAIMED!
Request 1 by DemiaCloud
Mekakucity Actors
Kokonose Haruka | Konoha, Kido Tsubomi, Tateyama Ayano, Enomoto Takane | Ene, Kozakura Mary, Fanart, Graphics, Video

These characters that I chose are my favorite from Mekakucity Actors. They are all strong in their own way, and are beautiful characters. I love them dearly.

Konoha is funny because he's so clueless, but that clueless-ness is also sad.
Kido is a weak shy person that became strong for everyone else.
Ayano gave up everything to protect her family.
Ene hides the past to hide the pain, to save others from it.
Mary is able to be happy even though her past is so sad.

Those are my opinions on each of them. And wow, they are so pretty! The art in Mekakucity Actors is just stunning. The brilliant use of such vibrant colors! I wish I could draw things like that, but I can't, so I'm left only able to look at the beautiful things other people make. Which is why I request a picture!

And then the music is so nice! Some of the songs are happy and joyous, but most are downright depressing. Some of my favorite songs are featured on that show, including 'Daze', which I like best at the moment. Aside from the songs, the story-line is so sad. I see death and loss everywhere! For those reasons, I request a video.

Hmm, let's see... Opinions, check. Reasons, check. Anything else? Umm...

Oh, right. As a final note, I like pretty things.

Request 2 by DemiaCloud
1/2 Wangzi | 1/2 Prince
Meatbun (1/2 Prince), Cold Fox (1/2 Prince), Kenshin (1/2 Prince), Dictator of Life, Gui (1/2 Wangzi), Feng Lan | Prince, Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics

Okay, so Half Prince is awesome. All the characters are so funny! You can't help but love them.

Meatbun is one of the cutest things ever. He's like, 'Mamma! Mamma!' and it's like "awwwww!'. Especially when he says, 'Mamma, meet Daddy' at that point I become a puddle of goo.
Cold Fox is so quite most of the time, so it's hard to understand him. But at other times, he's so pushy.
Kenshin is one of those people who you love from the very start. His past is so sad, and his understanding of things is so strange. But then the things he does is so funny! *remembers Prince hanging from a cliff by Kenshin's belt*
The Dictator of Life... Pure sadness... He just wanted to help... Need I say more?
Gui, dear Gui. You are an idiot. A hilarious idiot.
Prince is so violent. He/She frightens me slightly. But again, funny. Especially when he beats Gui up.

I requested picture type things for this one because I like pretty things. Pretty things include pictures.

As for fanfiction, I request one thing from it. That it make me laugh. That's it, my one request of the person who wants to write a fanfiction of Half Prince.

As a side note, I love the pairing of Kenshin and Cold Fox. It's just so cute!

Request 3 by DemiaCloud
The Legend of the Sun Knight
Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Any Character

So, I clicked the any button for the characters because I was confused. Why is Legend of the Sun Knight on here without the Sun Knight as an option of a character to pick? So here I will put a true list of my favorite characters that I'd like things about. I don't know. I'm still confused.

1.Cloud-Ghost dude is so cute! He's my absolute favorite character.
2.Sun-My gosh, the things that go through this guy's head! It's so funny! He has such a twisted sense of reality, yet it's also so normal.
3.Judgment-The one source of reason among the madness that the rest of them represent. Of course, even he is a little strange.
4.Earth-While Sun is the one that thinks the funny things, Earth is the one that SAYS the funny things. I laugh every time he speaks.
5.Leaf-One word here: Awwwww! I think Leaf is so cute!

But anything goes I guess? (Still confused.)

Legend of the Sun Knight is my favorite book of all time. It makes me wish I knew Chinese. These just happen to be some of my favorite characters.

Pictures have been requested by me because all of the holy knights are cute eye-candy. Is there honestly anyone who'd disagree? I suppose there are... We shall hunt them down to stop the disease they have contracted... But I digress.

I request that if a fanfiction is written about Legend of the Sun Knight that it make me laugh. I love laughing and all forms of laughter. Legend of the Sun Knight (in fact almost all works by Yu Wo) is the prefect medium for that in my opinion. It can be a very serious story, or one that makes my eyebrows, but I request laughter.

Out of all the things I filled out a request for, I think I'd like something Legend of the Sun Knight related the best. (Recent obsession. Actually, scratch that; it's a long time running obsession.)

Request 4 by DemiaCloud
神々の悪戯 | Kamigami no Asobi
Loki Laevatein, Takeru Totsuka, Tsukito Totsuka, Balder Hringhorni, Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

This is a great show. I think that the idea of a school for the gods is neat. ( I wish I could go there!)

Honestly, I like all of the characters. Except for maybe Thor. He annoys me a little. (Maybe all those Thor movies marvel is making are getting to me?)

Loki is my favorite. He's so strong-willed. And he's such a prankster (which fills my funny requirement).
Takeru, in my opinion at least, is the most normal and human-like, if that makes sense? He is referred to by me as 'the sword-dude'.
Tsukito is definitely the cutest! He takes notes of everything regardless of if he understands it. And then he's so clueless about emotions (either that or he's just bad at expressing them).
Balder, oh Balder. Why must he cause such problems for everyone? I know he doesn't try to, but still... Anyways, he's another pretty one.

As a side note, I think Hades' obsession with misfortune is pretty funny.

All of the characters super pretty=I like pictures. It's true, isn't it? As a side note on this subject, I will mention that I may have a slight obsession with guys that have long hair. You know, just a little one. *gestures arm-span length*

And it goes without saying that all videos of such adorable characters and the beautiful world they live in are accepted.

My reaction at the end of the last episode:
"Uh-huh... Aww! so cute!... Also cute!... Cute!" *melts into a pile of goo* "Cute!... Wait... No... No!... That's not fair! It can't end like that!... Gah!" *pictures self flipping table* "Sigh... ... ... ... ... ... See! I told you! I couldn't end like that!"
If you remember the last five to ten minutes of the final episode, you'll know what I'm talking about.

So the reason I selected fanfiction as one of my requests is because I came up with this amazing prompt that I myself have no idea what to write for.

What happens to all of them back in the real world? Where are they staying? How'd they get there? Do people just accept them like that? Do they start going tor normal school? Doesn't Yui's family think it was strange to have all of those buys standing there waiting for her to return from school? etc...

Pinch Hit #3 CLAIMED!
Request 1 by Kalloway
Druaga no Tou | The Tower of Druaga
Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character

My most self-indulgent wish for Druaga was for an OVA or epilogue or bonus based on the OPs. While I'm not generally fond of AUs, canon-AUs make me smile (like Hakuoki SSL). I think I freeze-framed through the second OP a dozen times just to catch all the little things. I would adore a story set in the modern-day though go ahead and throw in monsters and knights and silliness too. There's not a lot of information in the OPs to go on, so feel free to alter/expand where necessary. I don't have a particular favorite character, either.

If modern-Druaga is not appealing, normal Druaga is love, too! Post-story adventures of any sort, missing-scenes while climbing.


Request 2 by Kalloway
Dead or Alive (Video Games)
Hayate (Dead or Alive), Kasumi (Dead or Alive), Fanfiction

I spent a good chunk of Dead or Alive 5 thinking that Hayate looked ill. There's just something off about his color and when I pointed it out to a friend, she agreed. At which point we decided that post-game, maybe some random hilarious force could re-re-fix Zack Island and everyone could go on vacation, including all of the guys (especially because they all? have swimsuits as bonus costumes now too~). I'm up for serious or silly (aliens did it? does Ryu still have a lower jaw? is Kasumi really a mermaid?) - only preference if you go this route is that the main reason for the vacation is for Hayate's health.

If beach hijinks aren't appealing, anything set from Hayate and Kasumi's childhood on up. Ayane, Ryu, etc. are quite welcome to show up. I'd just really prefer it to be a happy/not-sad story.


Request 3 by Kalloway
Gakuen Heaven
Matsuoka Jin, Hiroya Yoshizumi, Fanfiction

While I liked all of the students, I really fell for Dr. Matsuoka and his boyfriend-in-a-coma. What happens with their story? Does Endo hire them both? Do they move off to the countryside to start over? Even though their story got a bit of resolution, I want more.


Request 4 by Kalloway
Tales of Xillia
Jude Mathis, Gaius (Tales of Xillia), Fanfiction

Gaius and Jude end up in a strange little relationship as the game progresses, and it's hard not to sort of wonder where that would go if it slipped over the border into a romantic/sexual relationship.

If that is not your cuppa, that's fine. Any post-game interaction would be lovely (send them to check out post-game former-clime zones! send them to Leia's inn!). I have partly spoiled myself for Xillia 2, so feel free to add any of that in or ignore it completely.


Pinch Hit #4 CLAIMED!
Request 1 by Quicksilver_ink
Suikoden III
Chris Lightfellow, Caesar Silverberg, Aila (Suikoden), Cecile (Suikoden), Salome Harras, Louis Keeferson, Thomas (Suikoden), Percival Fraulein, Fanart, Fanfiction

See my Dear Author/Artist letter (below). :)


Request 2 by Quicksilver_ink
Suikoden II
Jowy Atreides, Riou (Suikoden), Nanami (Suikoden), Jillia Blight, Fanart, Fanfiction

See my Dear Author/Artist letter (below). :)


Request 3 by Quicksilver_ink
Radiant Historia
Stocke, Raynie, Eruca, Marco (Radiant Historia), Aht, Sonja (Radiant Historia), Kiel, Teo (Radiant Historia), Lippti, Fanart, Fanfiction

See my Dear Author/Artist letter (below). :)


Request 4 by Quicksilver_ink
Seikai no Monshou | Crest of the Stars
Jinto Lynn, Abriel Lafiel, Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Video

See my Dear Author/Artist letter (below). :)


Pinch Hit #5 CLAIMED!
Request 1 by sekalaista
ダイヤのA | Daiya no A | Ace of Diamond
Kominato Haruichi, Fanfiction

Anything about Haruichi would be great, really! He's smart (well, smarter than Eijun and Furuya anyway…) and a great player, and I really like all those "suddenly! a badass player Haruichi" scenes. And all the awkward blushing and holding back his stupid friends scenes too.

Maybe something about the Kominato brothers? We've seen glimpses of Ryousuke's point of view, but what about Haruichi? Does he simply admire his brother, or does he sometimes resent him? Haruichi is shy and was bullied as a child while Ryousuke is pretty much the opposite. Or something about Haruichi and Eijun and/or Furuya? We don't see them much off-field so anything about them being friends instead of just teammates would be nice. Maybe Haruichi helps them to study or they all go fishing? Or maybe something about the new team after the third-years left? Haruichi is more or less taking Ryousuke's place in the team, and that includes working with Kuramochi especially. How difficult or easy is that?

Gen is most definitely fine, but if you feel like writing a shippy fic, I mostly ship Haruichi with Eijun and Furuya. But you could try to convince me about the awesomeness of other Haruichi-ships, too!

Request 2 by sekalaista
弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal
Onoda Sakamichi, Naruko Shoukichi, Imaizumi Shunsuke, Fanfiction

I adore these three and their friendship, so anything about them would be wonderful. The different dynamics between them are interesting and despite their differences, they get along just fine. Snarky banter and rivalry between Imauzmi and Naruko is getting along, after all.

Maybe they end up attending a con together? Cosplay hilarious but entirely optional! Or maybe they go to a little shipping trip to help Onoda pick his new and shiny cycling equipment? Those shoes and helmet had to come from somewhere. Or just teaching Onoda the secrets of bicycle racing because in the beginning, he knew next to nothing about it? Or something focusing on how it's the first time both Onoda and Imaizumi have actual (guy, because there is Miki) friends, ones that share their hobbies no less? Manly and not so manly tears are perfectly understandable.

If you just happen to feel shippy, I definitely wouldn't say no to an OT3 or an Imaizumi/Naruko + BFF Onoda fic either.

Request 3 by sekalaista
Yachi Hitoka, Fanfiction

Yachi is as adorable as a basket full of fluffy kittens and actually quite brave, and I'd love to read anything about her. She's cute and smart, she's capable and she's just plain fun. I only ship her with Shimizu (or rather, girls in general, Yachi with an OC girl would be fine too!), but she and Hinata combined are like a thousand warm and sunny summer days. I bet they'd make even Kageyama warm up and attempt to smile. So, maybe a picnic or a study date fic?

Or something about her and her mother? Her mom seems to be a very smart lady too, and possibly even a single mother who's proud of her daughter. Like I said, I ship her with Shimizu so something cute about them would be great too! Or something about Yachi and the whole Karasuno team? How protective are they of her and how protective is she of them?

Request 4 by sekalaista
Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou
Fanfiction, Any Character

I haven't found any fic for this fandom, so anything at all would indeed make me very happy. The whole kabuki world is really interesting, and I like how Izumo and the other characters grow up as time goes by. I've read all the translated chapters and I do know how the whole manga ends, so spoilers and post-series fics are fine.

Maybe something about Kagato as Izumo's teacher and sort of an idol? He's so good at what he does that it'd be interesting to read more about him. Or something about the Sugawara brothers? Their relationship was so bad that it's pretty much impossible that it got better overnight. If you want to write a serious ship fic, I do OTP Sae/Izumo so that's what I'd rather see. Sae changes a lot after meeting Izumo and it goes both ways. For comedic purposes along the manga lines, any pairing is fine.

Request 5 by sekalaista
サムライフラメンコ | Samurai Flamenco
Hazama Masayoshi, Gotou Hidenori, Fanfiction

I ship these two like burning so a post-series shippy fic would make me really, really happy. Well, anything would make me happy because they're just so adorable. Masayoshi is so earnest and Gotou so crumpy yet friendly. I like both the seriousness and WTF parts of the canon, so don't let "oh, but this is so weird" thoughts stop you from writing what you want!

Maybe a post-ending fic where Gotou gets kidnapped again and again because that's what happens to a hero's significant other, right? Bet he would just love that (…especially the obligatory post-rescue kiss). Or maybe a more serious fic about Gotou slowly letting go of his girlfriend, and Masayoshi understanding that? Mostly, anyway, he might get a little frustrated sometimes. Or a wedding fic because you know, those wedding pictures do exist? Does Mari really crash the party in a wedding dress? Or maybe a proposal fic?

Pinch Hit #6 CLAIMED!

Request 1 by TheSecondBatgirl
GoGo Sentai Boukenger | Rumbling Squadron Boukenger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

ANYTHING. I mean it when I say any character. Want to write me about the behind the scenes of SGS? Sure. Ship fic? I will ship pretty much anything. Villains? Awesome. People making fun of Akashi for a thousand words? GREAT. Basically I will be happy with ANYTHING.


Request 2 by TheSecondBatgirl
Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

ANYTHING. Ridiculous sentai trivia? Sure. Akagi/Malshina? GREAT. Yumeria and KozKoz cosplaying together (and then making out?) GREAT. Things that ignore the season 2 ending? Wonderful! Sayaka as Akiba Pink? Yesplease. I love everything about this show, so will be happy with whatever!


Request 3 by TheSecondBatgirl
Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

I love this season, I mostly ship White/Blue, (and also the villains) but all of them are great! Anything is wonderful, so have as much fun as you want.


Request 4 by TheSecondBatgirl
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

Gokaiger was my first sentai and I love everything about it. I ship the team together and I ship pretty much any returning sentai with them. And also Joe/Cid. And Basco/everyone. Orgies? Great. Gai giving everyone lessons in sentai history? Sure. Basco being a magnificent bastard? GREAT. Backstory? Yesplease. If Kaoru wants to show up and sleep with everyone that is also great. I just love this team.


Request 5 by TheSecondBatgirl
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

Again, I love all of the characters, I love fluff/angst/hurt/comfort. I can ship pretty much any combination of people. If you want to write about Takeru's angst that is great. Kaoru being the best is also great. Mako as team mom, or Genta's love for Takeru. Ridiculous hijinks also appreciated!


Request 6 by TheSecondBatgirl
Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

Alata is my favorite and I want to keep him forever and feed him cookies but I love them ALL. Fic set pre, during or post series is great. I'm not as much of a shipper for this one, but I love all the team, and I could probably easily be convinced.


Request 7 by TheSecondBatgirl
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger | Special Police Dekaranger
Fanfiction, Video, Any Character

I ship Ban/Houji/Tetsu and Sen/Umeko/Jasmine and Doggie/Swan, but could EASILY BE CONVINCED if you want to write some other pairings! I love them allllllllllll. Anything that happens in this will make me incredibly happy.


Pinch Hit #7 CLAIMED!

Request 1 by ThyHeavenlyYard
Gomon Mikado, Aoyagi Seimei, Fanart, Fanfiction

Would greatly adore fanart of Mikado Gomon (and Tokino Fujiwara if possible) committing a murder together - this would include gore so if this is a problem, don't worry about it! Would also greatly adore fanart simply of Mikado Gomon, Mikado Gomon and Tokino Fujiwara, or Mikado Gomon and Seimei Aoyagi. (Cute, serious, anything is fine.)

Fanfictions are also adored, preferably Mikado Gomon-centric featuring interactions with Tokino Fujiwara and Seimei Aoyagi if that is possible for the author to write.

Details of Mikado Gomon's appearance and characterisation can be provided.


Request 2 by ThyHeavenlyYard
Tokyo Babylon
Sumeragi Subaru, Sakurazuka Seishirou, Fanfiction

Hopefully romantic? Whether between kiddie!Subaru and frightening highschooler!Seishirou, or frighteningly dressed!Subaru and veterinarian!Seishirou or even later. I love dark twisted romances, and I love them even more when they're framed in gentle and false gestures.

Feel free to message me if you're struggling with an idea and need help!


Request 3 by ThyHeavenlyYard
Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Natsume Takashi, Tanuma Kaname, Natori Shuuichi, Matoba Seiji, Fanart, Fanfiction

Either of the four characters as the focus of the fanwork would be fine. If it's fiction, I'd love seeing Natsume interact with either of the other three. I appreciate the gentle interactions between him and Tanuma, and the tension that arises from him conflicting with Natori and Matoba (although I like seeing friendly interactions between Natsume and Natori too!).

Natori interests me as someone who is only eight(?) years older than Natsume. He's only twenty-three years old but is someone who is famous as an actor - and so intensely surveillanced by the public - but also intensely isolated by his youkai experiences and by his own choice. He's implied to be a sort of Natsume who has grown-up to achieve his dream of "living alone" - he isn't shown as absolutely miserable, but there's an underlying unhappiness about his character, and his competence as an exorcist and individual, and his extremely well-crafted facade of manners and front interest me, especially because he had to develop them (presumably, at least mostly) on his own.

Matoba interests me as the young leader of a powerful clan - I believe he's maybe around twenty and interests me because of his slyness - which his situation necessitates - and how much pressure must be exerted upon him as someone who must deal with fellow clan leaders and even politicians. Not that I don't think he can't handle the pressure - it's his confidence that makes me like him. I also like seeing his interactions with Natsume because, as they are somewhat close in age, I'm sure Natsume presents an interesting sight to him as someone naive and somewhat privileged, living a normal, not necessarily to be envied, school-life - as much as someone who is able to see youkai can - and being a different sort of peer to the ones Matoba meets in business, who will be the same age as him and so also someone to relate to, but who are also competitors to be watched.

Tanuma's adorable. I love Tanuma. Tanuma-anything is fine. Tired Tanuma. Ill Tanuma. Gentle, concerned Tanuma. Tanuma who surprisingly frowns in the manga sometimes. Tanuma with his overgrown-fringe. Tanuma enjoying shougi. Tanuma having a lazy morning.

As for fanart - anything goes! Maybe Tanuma and Natsume enjoying a lazy afternoon of fishing? Something slice-of-life-y like the official art. But anything else is absolutely fine too!

Whether it's a sad or interesting or dramatic or happy fanwork, anything interests me!


Request 4 by ThyHeavenlyYard
悪魔のリドル | Akuma no Riddle | Riddle Story of Devil
Ichinose Haru, Hashiri Nio, Fanfiction

I'd enjoy fanfiction about Haru, maybe post-anime? Tokaku doesn't necessarily have to be in it - I'd prefer just seeing how Haru appraises her situation, or how she now views her past and her future. After all, it's not like all her problems are solved. Or maybe alternative character interpretations of Haru! Haru's someone who tries to be desperately optimistic and to maintain a black-and-white worldview because it's important to her. Putting this into conflict, or exploring how she must navigate a world where her ability can throw into doubt the freewill of those around her - especially since she cannot control or know if she's doing it - would be interesting to explore! Also possibly moral dilemmas posed by this. After all, wouldn't controlling people be fun and advantageous?

Nio's a favourite. I like her because she places all her eggs in one basket. Basically, the two most important things to her are the Chairwoman and herself, in that order. She's also a self-professed creature "of the rotten sea" and someone who works extensively behind-the-scenes, as it were. Her way of living is very narrow and economic, and she doesn't shy away from the fact that she's a killer. I also like characters who are almost the "administrative" type in that they help to engineer things. Anything Nio-centric would be appreciated!



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