Jun. 30th, 2013

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It's July 1st already somewhere in the world, and matching is done, so assignments are on their way!

For the curious, this year, AO3's matching algorithm took approximately three minutes to run on our 63 signups. Go AO3!

I've seen some questions about how workable multifandom rare fandom exchanges are (or are if you "aren't a BNF", don't have mind control powers, don't restrict the fandoms like crazy, etc.): This year, I managed to work it out so that there is only one case of multiple people assigned to the same recipient and one initial pinch hit. That's partly due to all of you being generous with your fandom and character offers (and with your media requests, though most people have signed up to offer fic, so that's not as large a factor). Thanks, guys!

If anyone is planning to use the AO3 challenge interface to run their own event, I'm happy to answer questions about what settings I used or how I did something.

There is one initial pinch hit, somebody who takes their rare fandoms so seriously they had zero possible givers. That will be going up on LJ/DW/Tumblr soon for those of you who want some serious rare fandom points.


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